Richard W

I was first introduced to herbalife two years ago while attending a fitcamp. I was convinced the supplements I was already taking were better then the herbalife products. I was also under the impression I could “out workout” my bad diet. I was lost. The end result was I stopped going. In February I started attended fitcamps again. This time taking the products. Cookies and cream became a quick favorite. I loved the energy I got from the tea. I loved even more that I didn’t get that post workout crash that I always got from other supplements. Later I was introduced to the 24 line while participating in a 24fit challenge. In this challenge I realized the importance of 80% nutrition 20% fitness. I was put on a nutrition plan. The combination of this, an intense workout regiment and of course 24 rebuild. I was able to lose 10% body fat 4 1/4in and get top 5! I love the results I gotten so far. The energy I now have. I’m not at my goal yet, but now I know its within my reach.